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Monitor All Coops Branches with Kuelap

Easy and complete access to connect coops
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Connect Coops in Minutes.

Do you have more than one coop branch? Connect your coops with Kuelap and monitor your coop branch anywhere.

Controling coops branches have become much easier.

Digital Branch
Digital Coops Solutions

Easy Configuration

The ease of setting-up coops that are integrated into the system and can be accessed anywhere & anytime.

Kuelap Cloud Computing

With a transparent Cloud Computing System, you do not need a physical place to save cooperatives data or paperless.

Data Secure

Kuelap is built by using a secured system model of tier-3 and 7 layers, comprising physical, data, and code as well as the process.

The solution to Monitor Coops Branches

Accelerate cooperative growth

Switching to a digital system makes cooperatives grow rapidly.

Connecting All Cooperative Branches

With API, Kuelap connects cooperative branches in Indonesia.

Monitor Cooperatives on One Platform

The Kuelap system makes it easy to monitor cooperative branches on one platform.

Access Digital Payments in Real-time

Cooperative members have access to make digital payments in real-time.

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