Kuelap Dashboard, Monitor Cooperatives Anywhere and Anytime.
Facilitate cooperative management to monitor cooperative conditions with a variety of accurate indicators.
Build the Kuelap Ecosystem with Thousands of Retailers in Indonesia.
Kuelap builds a technology-based financial system for Retail to make it easier to make business decisions.
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Proven to Encourage Cooperatives to Go Digital during the Pandemic and New Normal Period
Kuelap is committed to helping the Cooperative to continue to grow and growing for the Indonesian economy.
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Developing Cooperatives. Empowering MSMEs.
Increasing the growth of Cooperatives and SMEs,
Online and Offline
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Kuelap Core Banking Systems Cooperative Solutions in Indonesia
An integrated and secure system of recording, financial transactions and member databases.
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Kuelap Features

Kuelap Nexus is the solution for complete digital banking in accordance with your needs and is easy to be accessed anywhere, Free of Charge.

Real-Time Report

Monitor cooperatives' reports in real-time to obtain more accurate cooperatives data.

Secure Systems

Kuelap is equipped with secure system data so that you are safe to use Kuelap’s services.

Cooperative Digital

The innovation in the field of Fintech with core banking system to monitor the financial health of cooperatives in Indonesia.


Kuelap system is easy to understand and efficient for all levels to assist your business needs.

Dashboard BI Analytics

Through Business Intelligence Analytics, you can obtain more accurate data to make the right business decisions.

Free of Charge

Experience all of Kualap’s services Free of Charge anytime for Cooperatives and SMEs in Indonesia.

Mobile Money Integration

Integrated into Kuelap's services, enabling coops members to make digital payments through the app.

Cloud Base

The system innovation of cloud computing from Kuelap is transparent and reliable without any “physical” place to save cooperatives’ data.

Mobile Service Application

Enable cooperative employees effectively to manage their members, loan, savings, and more online and offline.

Trust the Kuelap's system to manage your Coops on autopilot.

Why Should Choose Kuelap?

Pioneer in Digital Coops Services

Kuelap has already served 20 millions+ members and has 15 years+ experience.

Acceleration of Coops Go Digitall

Accelerate Cooperatives Go Digital in one platform.

The ease of Curating Annual Members Meeting (RAT)

Obtain RAT documents of your coops, only click download through Kuelap's System.

The Ease of Controlling Coops’ Financial Health

Working with analytics data enables cooperatives to make the right business decision.

Manage You Coops in Your Hand

Managing cooperatives is more efficient through Kuelap application online and offline.

They that Grow with Kuelap

"Alhamdulillah... Our cooperative has been working with Kuelap for the last 1 year. With this digital, we can be more transparent with our users and users can make transactions easier."

Tuti Supatningsih

Ketua KPRI UNM Makassar

“I have been waiting for this application for 2 years. For the management of cooperatives, Kuelap is very helpful, only once input is there a direct financial report. Members can download the Kuelap mobile banking application to find out the amount of their savings and loan status. Thank you Kuelap for advancing Indonesian Cooperatives. Go digital Indonesian Cooperatives!"

Endro Sugiyanto

Ketua Koperasi Citra marga


Years of experience with financial cooperatives


Continents with a local presence


Hours of global time zone coverage when we are working

20 Million+

Members served with all versions of our coop management software

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Kuelap with Core Banking System, the Solution for Coops & SMEs.