Kuelap Dashboard

Working with Data

Ease coops employees to observe
coops’ financial condition by working with
analytics data & other information.

Control Your Coops' Financial Condition

Kulap Dashboard
Digital Cooperative Solutions in Indonesia.

Integrated Accounting System

The ease of conducting a financial report that is accurate, real-time, and secure, with only one click.

Easy Configuration

The ease of setting up coops that are integrated into the system and can be accessed anywhere & anytime.

Kuelap Cloud Computing

With a transparent Cloud Computing System, you do not need a physical place to save cooperatives data or paperless.

Data Secure

Kuelap is built by using a secured system model of tier-3 and 7 layers, comprising physical, data, and code as well as the process.

Know your financial health of coops from now.

The Solution to Monitor the Financial Health

Monitoring Cooperative Conditions

See and monitor the historical condition of Cooperatives in a precise and real-time manner.

Key Ratio Tracking

Tracking key ratios which are indicators of Cooperative Health or Performance quickly, precisely and accurately.

The Solution for Financial Report Data

Save Operational Costs

Reducing the use of paper (paperless) for Cooperative RAT (Annual Member Meeting) documents.

Initial Screening Acceleration

Accelerate the initial screening to evaluate the performance of Cooperatives over the last few years.

The Solution for Data Analytics Tool

Ease of Cooperative Analysis

Makes it easy to analyze cooperative performance.

Faster Identification

Speeds up identifying problems.

Easy Process

Accelerate the credit underwriting process so that credit approval can be faster.

The Solution for Pre-Loan Disbursement

Ease of Evaluation

Facilitate evaluating the need for disbursement of funds for cooperatives.

Ease of Risk Mitigation

Facilitate cooperatives in mitigating risks.

Process Ease

Giving more confidence to related parties regarding plans to use funds.

The Solution for Post Loan Disbursement

Ease of Cooperative Analysis

Make it easier for cooperatives to evaluate the disbursement and utilization of funds.

Ease of Risk Mitigation

Facilitate cooperatives in mitigating risks.

Ease of Monitoring NPLs

Monitor the overall NPL (non-performing loan) for each borrower.

Any Questions?

Providing confidence to related parties regarding the realization of the use of funds, as well as monitoring loan quality (transparency).

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