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Enjoy the convenience of managing a cooperative
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Managing coops have become much easier.

Kuelap Field App
Digital Coops Solutions

Access Any
where and Anytime

With the ease of managing coops in one app, exactly you can reduce the operational cost of coops.

Easy Configuration

The ease of setting up cooperatives that are integrated into the system and can be accessed anywhere & anytime.

Kuelap Cloud Computing

With a transparent Cloud Computing System, you do not need a physical place to save cooperatives data or paperless

Data Secure

Kuelap is built by using a secured system model of tier-3 and 7 layers, comprising physical, data, and code as well as the process.

Manage your cooperatives
anywhere in one app.

The Solutions to Manage Coops

Ease of making transactions

Cooperative management can easily carry out cooperative financial transactions, such as savings, deposits and so on which are integrated with the system.

Ease of managing cooperative affairs

Cooperative membership data collection, loans and savings can be arranged in one application quickly.

General service

Every cooperative activity is recorded and stored in an application that is automatically recorded so that it is easy to carry out a complete and detailed audit.

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