Kuelap Octo

Easy Transactions Anywhere & Anytime

Ease coops members to make digital transactions.

Easy Transactions in a Few Minutes

Kuelap Octo
Digital Coops Solutions

Fast Process

Coops do not need to take a long time to make payments.

Easy Configuration

The ease of setting up cooperatives that are integrated into the system and can be accessed anywhere & anytime.

Kuelap Cloud Computing

With a transparent Cloud Computing System, you do not need a physical place to save cooperatives data or paperless.

Data Secure

Kuelap is built by using a secured system model of tier-3 and 7 layers, comprising physical, data, and code as well as the process.

Manage Transactions More Easily, Only One Click.

The Solution for Digital Transactions

Safe and Reliable Transactions

Digital payment transactions are safer than cash which is very prone to fraud, mark-ups and money laundering.

Accepts various Digital Payments

Easily accept various connected digital payments, e-money and e-wallets on one platform.

Ease of Submission of Loans

Cooperative members can apply for loans via the mobile app (Kuelap Octo).

Payment Recording Becomes Regular

It is easy for cooperatives to make reports even though there are many sources of receiving payments.

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