Secondary Coops

Support the metamorphosis of coops in Indonesia

Embody the innovation acceleration of digital coops with Kuelap nexus integrated to kuelap cloud.

The Implementation of Digital Coops in Developing Economics in Indonesia.

With Kuelap services, enhance the role of Secondary Coops to build, support, and give directions to coops members comprising the association of cooperatives entities with extensive coverage.

Challanges in Managing Coops

Unorganized data

Hard to control all coops employees

Hard to monitor members whether are active or inactive

Internet access is down in remote areas

Kuelap system is able to answer those
challenges in order to grow and thrive rapidly.

Integrate to All Coops Branches

With Kuelap cloud, easy and complete access to connect coops branches. Kuelap with Digital Branch, ease to integrate all coops branches in one platform.

The Ease of Managing Coops

Let’s organize your coop’s data! With Kuelap Core Banking System integrated with Kuelap Cloud, you can organize easily member database, product administration, and coops operations.

Working with Data

The right decision relies on accurate data. Through Kuelap dashboard, enable you to know the recent condition of your coops in real-time by working with analytics data and other information as the benchmark to make decisions.

Controlling Coops in One App

A full-service in one app, Kuelap Field App eases coops employees to run coops operations, comprising registration of new members, loan collection, and many more that can be accessed not only online, but also offline (when the internet access is down, the data still can be saved).

Digital Transactions and E-Wallet

One of Kuelap services is Kuelap Octo which eases coops members to submit loans, check balances, make loan payments, digital transactions, and so on.

They that Grow With Kuelap

"Alhamdulillah... Our cooperative has been working with Kuelap for the last 1 year. With this digital, we can be more transparent with our users and also users can make transactions more easily."

Tuti Supatningsih

Ketua KPRI UNM Makassar

“I have been waiting for this application for 2 years. For the management of cooperatives, Kuelap is very helpful, only once input is there a direct financial report. Members can download the Kuelap mobile banking application to find out the amount of their savings and loan status. Thank you Kuelap for advancing Indonesian Cooperatives. Go digital Indonesian Cooperatives!"

Endro Sugiyanto

Ketua Koperasi Citra marga


20 millions+



15 years

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